Firstly, under the name of ABACUS SAC, the company began its operations in 1984 as representative of important foreign companies in the electrical, telecommunications and engineering sector, specializing mainly in the development of commercial operations, project promotion, research and import of equipment and solutions for the electric sector.

Later, in 2005, the business name changed to ABACUS INTERNATIONAL S.A.C. and all the assets, liabilities and personnel become part of the new company.

Throughout the years, ABACUS INTERNATIONAL S.A.C. worked together with important multinational companies such as Skanska and ABB of Sweeden, Energoprojek of the Ex-Yugoslavia, Lodagri and Electroconsult of Italy, Cubiertas (Ex -Entrecanales y Távora) of Spain, some of them dedicated to civil construction and to the electric field, for Majes- Sihuas, Chira-Piura, Carhuaquero and other multisectorial projects.

In addition, ABACUS INTERNATIONAL S.A.C. has an extensive experience in the representation of multinational companies. This is the case in 1989, when the company took the responsibility of representing Wärtsilä Diesel Oy, today called Wärtsilä NSD Corporation member of the METRA GROUP in Finland, in order to introduce its products and services in the Peruvian market. Wärtsilä made its way in the energy, mining, industry and fishing sectors with the installation of power plants in five Peruvian cities and more than 40 propulsion engines. Definitely, Wärtsilä settled down in the Peruvian market as a strong and competitive company. As a result, Wärtsilä opened its own branch in Peru with its own staff in June 1997.

In 2002, we assumed the representation of VA TECH (Austria) as a global technology and leading service company, manufacturer of equipment for transmission and distribution lines, substations and hydroelectric power plants. VA TECH was purchased several years ago by Siemens (T&D) and its hydroelectric division (turbines) by Andritz - Graz Austria.